Whitebit Referral Link | Get 50% referral bonus for new users

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Whitebit Referral Link | Get 50% referral bonus for new users

  • Join Whitebit with Whitebit referral link to avail of the 50% new user referral bonus.
  • Avail of the benefits with only new user sign-up

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WhiteBIT Referral Link | Get 50% referral bonus for new users

Exchange Codes
WhiteBIT referral link Link
Eligibility New users only
Sign-up Bonus 50% referral bonus
Expires on 31-12-2023
Exchange WhiteBIT
Platforms Android, iOS, Web, Mac OS App, Mobile
KYC required Yes
Country Estonia
Parent Company WhiteBIT
Referral Rewards Yes

Whitebit referral link

What is WhiteBIT?

WhiteBIT is a crypto exchange that is European Centralized that offers exchange in crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat transactions with a comparative low transaction fee of 0.1%.

according to the European exchange and custody license, WhiteBIT needs that KYC and AML requirements. And the company has claimed to have users 300k+ registered with it and most part of it is from Europe, South Africa, and America, and so on.

They accept the deposits in a variety of formats, including the transaction through Visa and Mastercard. Unlike others, they offer a very low trading fee to all the users even for those trading with a low amount of capital. Fast transactions, withdrawal, and deposits are offered by them.

The company, WhiteBIT claims to have a core team of 100 people who are crypto experts. on their official website, on the team page, only three main experts are highlighted, who is the CEO, CFO, and CMO.

Even now WhiteBIT is one of the two centralized exchanges which offers the SafeMoon. SafeMoon is a new token that is in subject to intense interest.

Why WhiteBIT?

96% of the digital assets are stored on cold wallets and moreover, use WAF for detecting and blocking the hacker’s attacks. On the plus, two-factor authentication and anti-phishing software is used for the security purpose which provides you another level of protection of your account.

The whole platform is based on the cutting edge technologies with provides the superfast transactions of deposits and withdrawal and also the ordered performance.

As safety is their main priority; their risk diversification system is implemented in such a way according to the following principles: only 4% of assets will be stored on hot wallets all the time while the rest are on the cold wallets with the multi-layers of protection.

Keeping in the mind the security of the funds of the users, the WhiteBIT has kept insurance funds to protect and secure the safety of users’ assets.

the current funds secured assets by WhiteBIT’s cold storage under the plan 30M.


Also, use the WhiteBIT Referral Link to avail the new user bonus with the referral program.

Whitebit Quick Reviews.

On Cryptowisers – The WhiteBIT has marked itself as a licensed crypto exchange that has the features for both new and professional traders on the platform. Also, they have highlighted the competence of their Support team marking it to be or crypto experts.

But that’s not all of the advantages of this platform according to crypto users review. The platform emphasizes a few other features that they find helpful for its users for a better experience. A few of them is that the user interface is customizable for easy, orders are executed instantly through the help of a trading engine performing 10,000 trades per second which is very high. In plus, fees are competitive (more on that below), and the platform offers a strong API for the users.

On Coinintelligence – WhiteBIT is a crypto-to-crypto and crypto to fiat exchange with more than 150 trading pairs. And also marks it as a legit platform.

On Trustpilot – The decentralized crypto exchange app doesn’t come with fixed prices, so the rates may change while your order is processing. It was an unpleasant surprise for me, and there’s nothing you can do after the exchange is complete.

Also, the WhiteBIT Referral Link provides 50% cashback to new users.

Benefits of WhiteBIT Referral Link.

Aside from Limit and Market Orders which normal platforms provide, the WhiteBIT has Stop-Limit, Stop-Market, Conditional-Limit, and Conditional-Market Orders on Spot trading. Margin trading includes Limit, Market, and Trigger-stop-market orders and others.

WhiteBIT also has Demo Token for the users, a free tool that helps users to learn the basics of crypto trading and test their strategies on the DBTC/DUSDT pair which gives users a real-time experience of trading with the WhiteBIT platform.

WhiteBIT has provided both the public and private REST APIs for users. Public REST APIs provide such market data as the current order book, recent trading activity, and trade history, and also Private REST APIs allow you to manage both orders and funds for better security and experience.

SMART Staking, up to 30% APR is allowed for users to earn. The plans by WhiteBIT currently include USDT, BTC, ETH, DASH, BNOX, XDN, and many more to explore. The interest rate is sent to the holder at the end of the holding period for further process and report.

Whitebit fee

WhiteBIT Trading Fee

The different fees of takers and makers are not charged by the WhiteBIT exchange. The fee model by the exchange model is something people say ‘flat fee model’.  They have a flat trading fee starting from 0.10%.

Even some trading pairs have a lower fee less than the average of the exchange with some trading pairs.

WhiteBIT Withdrawal Fee

Over to the withdrawal fees then and these are also very important to consider by the users. When withdrawing BTC, the exchange charges you the 0.0004 BTC which is low. This withdrawal fee is also below the industry average comparatively.

How to use WhiteBIT refferal Link?

Use the WhiteBIT Referral Link and sign-up as a new user to avail the new user bonus of 50% cashback.

For the very first, you need to sign-up with your credentials and register yourself on the platform with the required documents and information, and do not forget to apply the WhiteBIT referral link to avail of the new user bonus.

Then log into the account and explore the page and also you will get your WhiteBIT Referral Link with which you can invite your friends and avail the benefits with their trading on the platform.


Explore the Page and use its various programs including the WhiteBIT Referral Link program. Purchase the cryptos using either the wallet or the Debit or Credit card Visa and Master.

Whitebit referral Link

Click here to access the WhiteBIT Referral Link.

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