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Myglamm Referral Code ₹150 bonus + Free Lipstick 2024

  • Sign up using Myglamm referral code AMAL3362 and get Rs150 off on your first purchase
  • It is a trusted brand by over one million users from India with a 4.4-star score on the Play store.

Myglamm Referral code 2024

The most recent referral code for the app is AMAL3362. Myglamm application has been assigned as AMAL3362 and the latest user bonus is available for those who sign up with a referral code.

App Codes
Myglamm Referral code AMAL3362
Eligibility Only for first-time users.
Welcome bonus Rs150 OFF on the first order
Expires on 31-12-2024
App Myglamm
Platforms Web, Android, iOS
KYC Required? No
Country India
The parent company The Good Glamm Group
Referral Rewards Yes


What is MyGlamm App?

Online shopping is easy including free delivery, quick returns with COD debit and credit cards accepted in India, and secure internet-based payment methods*. Try on with the mobile camera to check various colors online.

* Rewards Earn reward points each time you shop online.

* High-Grade Makeup Purchase affordable, but top-quality makeup products manufactured in Italy and Germany and are available from your preferred cosmetics brand.

The business model for Myglamm App

It is a direct-to-consumer cosmetics company in India that sells the majority of its products via its own website, app, and point of sale. the company announced on Monday it was able to secure $71.3 million in the financing round that took place in Mumbai in India, where it plans for ways to grow its business in all South Asian markets.

The company had taken in $23.5 million during its four-times-subscribed series C financing round, which included Amazon, Ascent Capital, and Wipro in March of this year. The company released a statement on Monday that it had added $47.8 million in the round, which has now been closed.

Myglamm Earn and refer program

It’s easy to earn money for every friend you recommend. Share an invitation link for your friends, and we’ll give them 150 MyGlammXO points, which they can redeem upon the purchasing or buying of any products. In the event that your friend isn’t yet registered with MyGlamm, you should ask them to sign up using the Myglamm referral code that you’ve provided. If they make their first purchase, they will mail you an email with vouchers for gifts equivalent to the amount of the purchase. Additionally, you’ll be able to earn cashback XO points that can be as high as 25% on the next purchase your friend makes.

How to unlock the referral rewards?

  • Login to the Myglamm mobile app, you cannot redeem the referral rewards from the web version.
  • Click on the gift box icon on the bottom menu bar of the app as shown below on the screenshot.
  • Updated with the offer terms in 2024.
  • myglamm-referral-coupons
  • Now you can see the unlocked offers from the slab of applicable rewards.
  • If your reward is a free makeup kit worth ₹3310, then you have to add products worth that amount from the link that opens upon clicking the redeem button.
  • Please note that the cart calculates the offer based on the MRP, not the sale price.
  • You will have to pay a delivery charge of ₹99 in case your cart value is less than the applicable free delivery order amount.
  • The referral coupon will be pre-applied on your cart and now you can place your order as normal and pay if any dues are left on the cart.

How do I refer additional users to the Referral Code?

It’s as easy as that! already a participant (InIDERS) you can start making referrals right away. For those who are new members, you’ll be required to register as an account with Incidents. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you’ll be able to begin sharing your link with your referrer. You can forward your referral link to your friend via text message or by posting directly to the internet through Social Media, Email, or WhatsApp. There’s no requirement to purchase something to begin making friends. Be sure to sign up using our Myglamm referral code to receive the bonus for new users joining.


This coupon is sent via email to the email address with which you’ve registered, and also by SMS messages sent to your registered mobile number. If you’re using the App you’ll be informed via push notifications when you’re signed in.

Reviews of the Myglamm App

  • Wonderful products. I’m in love with the Matte lip colors… These lipsticks are stunning and last for an extended period of time. I love products with the Myglamm referral code. Make your shade pencil impervious to blurs. It’s ideal. – Kavita
  • It’s the longest-running online service. I’m not certain about the app, but when I attended Bangalore Fashion Week than their models were all wearing the product. From the day I traveled to Bangalore until now I’ve been using the exact brand. (Myglam). The Myglam products are expensive, but trust me when I say that the product is excellent for those of us. Because some items are costly is one of the reasons we have allergies, among others. Here’s my favorite. – Yashika
  • myglamm-rewards
  • The wonderful feeling of the products, along with affordable prices and prompt response to Myglam service. Absolutely love everything I purchased through Myglam and am extremely satisfied and thankful to Myglam. – Manasi
  • I am completely satisfied with the high quality of these products as well as the benefits that myglamm referral code provides. I recently purchased the set of eight stores, shampoo, and two face washes, for only 200 rupees. It was the least expensive deal I could find on the 28th of August. I am extremely pleased with the service provided by them. Thank you so much for everything. – Arpit

Frequently Asked Questions about Myglamm Referral Program

  1. What is the latest referral code for the Myglamm app?

Answer:  AMAL3362 is the latest Myglamm referral code 2022 for free lipstick and a new user bonus.

2. What can I earn by referring my friends?

Answer: You can earn free products based on the milestones mentioned above. The products range from lipsticks to make-up kits.

3.  Can I redeem the referral rewards on the website?


Answer: No, you can only redeem the bonus rewards on the mobile app and the feature is not yet available on the web version.

4. How to track the referral performance of my invited friends?

Answer: Goto the app referral page and you can see all friends who have joined via your referral link and you can even remind them to make a purchase.

Myglamm referral code last updated- 2nd January 2024

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Digital investor | Crypto enthusiast | Digital marketing expert Founder 25+ active Blogs Finance Graduate from Delhi University Columnist and guest author on 25+ media websites Area of interest and expertise - Finance, Economics, Business, Technology, Startups, Consulting, Blockchain, Content.


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I just got a FREE Lipstick by MyGlamm and I am co-creating beauty products with them. It's awesome. You can get your FREE Lipstick too and also unlock goodies worth ₹ 5 Lakhs! Participate in the Great Glamm Survey here!


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Use ISHI66

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