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MakeO Referral Code “ HXIKQZQGZC”. ₹4000 Discount

MakeO Referral code “HXIKQZQGZC”. ₹4000 Discount

HXIKQZQGZC” is the MakeO referral code. MakeO ( Toothsi and Skinnsi). Apply the code when creating an account to receive a ₹2,000 discount on the Smile Makeover Plan. Also, refer your friends and receive₹ 4,000 for each referral.

Makeo app overview

Makeo Skinnsi and Toothsi are two AMPA Orthodontists Pvt Ltd Series B-funded brands that provide expert-backed at-home clinical solutions for skin and teeth. They were founded in 2018 and offer a variety of At-Home Clinical solutions under the skinnsi and toothsi brands.

Some services include Orthodontist-backed teeth aligners and Dermatologist-backed skin treatments such as Laser Hair Reduction and Dermafacial with Korean Aqua Glow toothsi technology.

Apart from that, the toothsi teeth whitening line includes electric toothbrushes, a teeth-whitening UV kit, and teeth-whitening pens, as well as a variety of aligner accessories such as chewies, dry boxes, and cleaning foams


Toothsi Skinnsi Referral Program

Toothsi Overview

Toothsi, India’s leading clear aligner brand, provides at-home scans, and smile makeovers to address issues like tooth gap and alignment, oral hygiene, and teeth whitening products. Toothsi has grown rapidly and received a tremendous response in India since its inception. All of this is possible because we have combined cutting-edge technology with our orthodontists’ over 10 years of experience, allowing us to revolutionize and digitize every aspect of smile correction, such as providing a virtual plan to show our customers how their teeth will be aligned over time, to enabling us to monitor their progress remotely, ensuring a comfortable at-home experience and giving our customers the confidence to smile freely.


Refer and earn MakeO Referral Code(Toothsi)

For Toothsi If you refer to your friends you will receive Rs 4,000* rewards for each referral That you have made whereas your friends too will get Rs 2,000*off on the smile makeover plan

How does referral work?

You must first create an account on the Makeo app using a computer or a mobile device. Next, enter your mobile number and confirm the one-time-only password.

Fill your profile with your name, email address, city, and the referral code, however, you may also use the referral coupon to receive a discount on your first purchase.

Then Introduce your friends to Toothsi and provide them with the invite link. Your friend will then book a smile makeover plan with a discount of Rs.2,000, and you will receive a cashback of Rs.4,000 deposited into your bank account.

Don’t worry if you forgot to use the coupon while signing up. By accessing the profile edit feature and by entering the referral code, you can still take advantage of the referral bonuses.

Toothsi Refer and Earn Free Cashback

  • First, you need to Open Toothsi App through the website or mobile.
  • Login into the App or sign up for the app by creating an account.
  • Then Go to Menu >> Tap on Toothsi Refer and Earn.
  • Share your Toothsi Referral Code which is HXIKQZQGZC with Friends.
  • Then Earn Free Rs 5000 Cashback by Referring to your Friends.

MakeO Referral Code

Skinnsi Overview

Skinnsi provides laser hair reduction (LHR), hydra facial, and acne treatment services as a new-age solution to age-old skincare problems, backed by dermatologists with over 9 years of experience. At skinnsi, we use cutting-edge technology and treatments like the quadruple wavelength laser with ice-cold technology, chemical peels, and Micro-Needling Radio Frequency to give you the smoothest and clearest skin at home, comfortably!

Refer and earn MakeO Referral Code(Skinnsi)

If you refer to your friends you will get upto Rs 10,000* cashback and 10% on every referral’s first order.

Your friends get up to Rs 5000*off and 5%discount on their first order.

How does referral work?

The steps are similar to Toothsi Referral

Please invite your friends to Toothsi by sharing the invitation link with them.

 They will book the first order with a 5% discount, and you will receive a cashback equal to 10% of the referral’s first order in your bank account.

Frequently asked questions about the Skinnsi Toothsi and MakeO Referral code

How many friends can I refer to the toothsi?

There is no limit to the number of friends you can invite to earn a bonus.

How do I obtain my Skinnsi referral code?

To obtain your coupon, you must first log in to the skinnsi website. Skinnsi’s mobile app does not support the refer and earn program.

How do I keep track of how many friends I referred to Toothsi?

 Log in to the toothsi website and you’ll see a table with the number of friends who have signed up using your toothsi referral code and their status.

What are the modes of withdrawal supported on the Toothsi Skinnsi refer and earn?

 The amount you earned via referral can be withdrawn to your bank account directly.

How long does it take for all 6 sessions (Skinnsi)?

Each session takes around 15 – 30 minutes depending on the body part we are treating. In the case of a full-body session, that usually takes 3 hours. This varies from patient to patient. The treatments are typically performed anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks apart. Our dermatologist will be there to tell you when it is safe to go in for the next treatment. Hope this helps!

Which all states can I find MakeO skinnsi facilities?

 We are available at your doorstep in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi & Hyderabad! We will be launching in more cities soon! Please share your contact details if you have any other questions or would like to get started! You can also reach out to us at +919136994234.

What’s the price for one session?

Hi, glad to see your interest in skinnsi. We would connect with you to suggest you the best package as per your needs, please share your contact number and email id and our team will connect with you soon. +919136994234.

How much do they charge for a full body?

Log into or sign up on the app and you will be able to find different packages as per your requirement

How many actual sessions does it require to complete hair removal permanently?

Every person responds to the treatment differently. Having said that, skinnsi Laser hair removal treatment helps you achieve 90% hair reduction in 6 sessions per body part. Further, maintenance sessions are required 2 to 3 times per year depending on the residual hair growth. Please reach out to +919136994234 for more details.

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