Giottus Promo Code TECH50 for ₹50 BTC + 100% bonus 2022

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  • September 1, 2021
  • By Athul
  • Giottus
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Giottus Promo Code TECH50 for ₹50 BTC + 100% bonus 2022

  • Join with Giottus promo code TECH50 and get a bonus.
  • Most rated app for Cryptocurrency trading in India.

Are you new to Giottus? Giottus is now available in the promo code TECH50.

Click the button below to receive a bonus offer for new joiners.

Giottus Referral code

The most recent Giottus promo code is TECH50. Refer friends to Giottus and get a bonus for new users by using the referral code.

Latest Giottus promo code TECH50
Eligibility Only for new users
Signup bonus ₹50 BTC + Free BTT tokens on Spin
Expires on 31-12-2023
Exchange Giottus
Platforms Android, iOS, Web App, Mobile
KYC Required? e-KYC, All digital
Country India
Parent company Giottus Technologies
Referral income Available


Giottus Exchange Benefits

  • Refer a friend to sign up for a new user using the Giottus promo code TECH50. If you do, you will be eligible for 5 spins which can win you up to 10,000BTT tokens or cashback on trade fees.
  • Referral code holders also get 50% of the trading fees.

Why is Giottus so special?

Giottus is a name that has not been very well-known in India’s cryptocurrency exchanges. However, there are many things that make Giottus unique for many users.

  • The most interesting thing about Giottus is the Giottus promo code for a referral bonus. Referring someone earns you 5 spins, which can get you up to 10000 BTT tokens. This is a fantastic referral program. You also get 50% of the trading fees of the person who has your code.
  • Next is Giottus’ user interface and animations when you trade at Giottus. The animations are amazing every time you trade or buy tokens. Cool features include a minimalist, dark theme.
  • Giottus is unique because it offers tokens for small tasks.

Giottus: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I complete KYC in Giottus App?

After registering with a referral number and clicking the button to upload a photo of your identity documents online, you can quickly complete the KYC.

What verifications are required to start trading on Giottus

Mobile verification, email verification, and device verification are required. KYC verification must be completed with your PAN card and identity proof.

How do I start trading with the Giottus Promo Code?

After completing all the verification you are able to add your bank, deposit money via IMPS or NEFT, UPI, and withdraw your earnings from your bank account.

What is the Giottus referral program?

Referring friends using your referral code could earn you up to 100 percent cashback on your friend’s trading.

We hope you found this article helpful in learning more about Giottus and signing up with them.

Giottus trading fee, transaction charges

Before signing up for any exchange, it is important to ask about the fees and charges. The charges on deposit, withdrawal, transaction, maker fee, network fee, taker fee are minimal on Giottus and can be found on the link here.

How to sell and buy using a Referral Code

Giottus added an option called “Easy to Buy and Sell” to the dashboard page. This option allows you to instantly buy Tron, Ethereum, or bitcoin using a single click. The best part is that there is no transaction fee.

Also, steps to increase my bank balance

The steps to purchase Tron cryptocurrency are easy and take less than 60 seconds. We’ll start by clicking the deposit button. Next, select the instant deposit option. Finally, add the account to the beneficiary list.

Giottus reviews app

The app is currently performing well.


Great experience. Giottus has been my favorite app for the past month. The Giottus promo code is working too.


Excellent app. There are no withdrawal fees and low fees when you add funds through UPI. We are proud to offer made in India crypto exchange. I earned more than 2500 Rs by just using and sharing my Giottus promo code.


It’s very user-friendly. I recommend Crypto traders and investors to both newbies and seasoned crypto experts …..


India’s No.1 cryptocurrency platform with high rewards, low fees, and a great customer service team. They are now part of the millions who use Giottus and I really loved the referral code.


Final conclusion on Giottus App

I’ve been using Giottus for three months and have made a couple of transactions on buy/sell and earned some money by referring friends.

Below are some screenshots of my dashboard, and my Giotus referral code.


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