Airalo Referral Code for US$3 Off on your eSIM Data Pack

  • Apply Airalo Referral Code AMAL5775 for a discount of US$3 on your eSIM data pack from Airalo.
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  • Offer applicable for first-time users only.

Airalo Referral Code

Now you don’t have to worry about masses roaming charges while on a trip abroad. No need to search for free Wi-Fi or ask around for sim vendors at the airport. Why? Because we have a solution. Airalo introduces you to the world’s first eSIM solution which is nothing but a digital SIM card. You can save up to 10x using this innovative solution. Stay connected from any corner of the world just by downloading and installing a digital plan. Applicable in more than 200 countries, you will never have to worry about losing mobile networks! Use my Airalo Referral Code AMAL5775 to get an offer of US$3 on your eSIM data pack from Airalo.


Attributes Answers
Referral code AMAL5775
Eligibility One time use only
Referral benefits US$3 discount on first purchase
Website Airalo 
Founder Ahmet Bahadır Özdemir and Abraham Burak
Cities Worldwide
Platforms Website, android, iOS


About Airalo

Experience the first eSim service provider with Airalo, active in over 200 countries. It is your one-stop solution to escape all high-priced roaming bills without burning a hole in your pocket. The major reasons to choose Airalo are their agile customer support system and zero hidden charges. This is mostly a blessing for all the digital nomads out there to access Global coverage of networks for their smooth-flowing work regimen. So wherever you go, you’re always connected. The eSim works in a few easy steps.


First of all, download the app, then choose your region and package, followed by installing the eSim and activating it. It takes a few minutes to install it. Airlo started back in 2019 with the mission to revolutionize global connectivity supporting inclusion within diversity. There are more than 1 million users worldwide currently. This futuristic system of global connectivity offers multiple customized partnership options to look after various business requirements. Choose your partnership option from the list given below.


API Partner Distribution Partner Airalo Affiliate Corporate Partnership
It is a time-efficient way to sell Airlo eSim products on your platform.

If you own a platform that sells solutions related to travel, your customer base can find it useful if they can avail an easy roaming solution. 

Also, If your platform offers mobile connectivity solutions to customers, being an API partner is the best option for you to choose from.

If you are already a telecommunication reseller, be it as a retailer, small business owner, or owning a  proprietorship, selling travel SIM cards, eSIM, top-up, etc. it’s a perfect opportunity for you to serve your customers with a unique blend of travel-friendly mobile network connection. 

Another way you can consider yourself a fit if you’re a part of the travel industry providing a world-class roaming network solution for your customers. Airalo eSims can stand out as the perfect solution for their worrisome roaming bills.

If you are a content creator/influencer dealing with tech or travel content, you are welcome to collaborate with Airalo no matter what your follower base looks like- niche or platform. 

You can either own a blog dedicated to travel content or tech, your followers should find the product useful.

You can market the items as a new technology trend or compare the innovation with existing products in the market. The choice is yours!

If you want to make Airalo a part of your corporate arena to provide the best in class connectivity, at any part of the world, you are best suited for becoming our corporate partner. 

Airlo corporate solutions will suit you the most if your employees are always on the go and require stable connectivity for affordable prices in all pat of the world.

Airalo Referral Program

Use my Airalo Referral Code AMAL5775 and usher global connectivity to your world. Airalo wants to make sure every time you spread the word, you and your friends both get rewarded for your effort. When you share your unique referral code with your friend, and he/she signs up using your code, both of you are rewarded with $3 (USD) in Airmoney once they complete their first purchase. Airmoney is the in-app currency of Airalo and can be later used to purchase any Airalo product. 

Similarly, as you sign up using my referral code AMAL5775 and make your purchase, you get a discount of $3 (USD) for any top-up, plan or eSim bought afterward. 


As soon as the purchase is successful, both parties will be notified about the reward being credited. You can also check referral rewards under the “Refer & Earn” section to keep track of your earned Airmoney.

Yes, it is as easy peasy as it sounds! Try it out yourself to win discounts on your next Airalo purchases.

How to get started with AirAlo using my AirAlo Referral Code?

First, you need to make sure that your phone is compatible with eSIM technology. To check, look for the Digital IMEI of your device. Also, make sure the phone you are using has the network unlocked. 


  1. Now follow the link to sign up.
  2. Enter your name, email ID, Password, and referral code will already be there if you are using the link. You can manually enter AMAL5775 as an Airalo referral code.

Otherwise, you can choose to sign in using Facebook or Google.

  1. Now, choose your country and view your plans. Choose local, regional, or global eSIM. In this case, let’s go to Regional and tap Europe for example.
  2. Now Airalo will present you with a bunch of plans with validity and data limits listed below. Choose and tap Buy Now. 

*Below each plan you can find a section called ‘Countries’ list where you can check all the countries that support your eSIM

  1. Tap Buy Now again. 
  2. Choose payment method and apply my Airalo Referral Code AMAL5775 under Apply Code (if you haven’t already while signing up)
  3. Check the Terms and conditions 
  4. Tap Complete Order at the bottom of the screen


FAQ about Airalo

  1. What is the latest Airalo Referral Code for 2023?

The latest Airalo Referral Code is AMAL5775. 

  1. Can Android users use eSims?

You can use eSim irrespective of your phone type, all you have to do is check if your phone is eSim compatible.

  1. How can I check if my phone is eSim compatible?

Dial #06# and press call, this will tell you if it is eSim compatible or has an IMEI number.


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Digital investor | Crypto enthusiast | Digital marketing expert Founder 25+ active Blogs Finance Graduate from Delhi University Columnist and guest author on 25+ media websites Area of interest and expertise - Finance, Economics, Business, Technology, Startups, Consulting, Blockchain, Content.

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