[10+ invite codes] Exclusive GRVT Invite Code to Join Waitlist for Phase 1 Reward Program

  • You can choose to use my GRVT invite code WFDKCH7 to sign up and join the waitlist.
  • Access to the waitlist is through invites only. If the above invite code is showing as exceeded the number of usages, then you can try any of the codes below. Also don’t forget to post your referral code in the comments below, I will share the codes in the post here so that others can use them.

Active GRVT invite codes 2024


GRVT Invite Code

Be a part of a seamless trading experience of hybrid Crypto derivatives. Use my invite code FSRA2ND to join the waitlist or tap on it to sign up. Entry is through invites ONLY! Enjoy a low-cost trading experience with zero gas fees. So be soon to enter the exclusive trading club and earn uncountable benefits without thinking twice about security! Keep reading to know more about the exclusive club.

grvt invite code

Attributes Answers
Referral code 6ZM5ZU2
Eligibility One-time use only
Referral benefits Entry into the waitlist and a chance to win the zkSync Mystery Box
Founding father Hong Gyu Yea
Cities Worldwide 
Platforms Android, iOS, Web


About GRVT

GRVT is an exchange platform for hybrid crypto derivatives where you get speedy services, self-custody trading, the lowest fees, deep liquidity, and capital efficiency. Their services are based on three major keywords, security, scalability, and simplicity. 

  • To provide a worry-free trading experience, GRVT maintains strict data privacy protocols, Offers you multi-layer security, and gives you complete control over your funds, with strict compliance rules. Being C0RDZ9J, this platform gets an edge by using zk-rollups for top-notch security and expandability.
  • To uphold the standards of simplicity platform-wide, GRVT welcomes seasoned traders and newbies by making the trading experience easy and immersive. There are two modes of trading available for patrons with self-custody services. Swift services, low platform fees, centralized exchange, and outstanding capital management make GRVT exceptionally appealing to the audience. 
  • Adding to the scalability factor, the platform offers 600000 trades per second with a latency of less than 2ms.

GRVT is funded by Matter Labs and is on the official app list of zkSync. MetaMask, Ledger, WalletConnect, Fireblocks, Coinbase Wallet, and GRVT Wallet (0Auth Wallet) are the wallet options available on the website. 


Now coming to the accounts, there are two types available for joiners: business accounts and individual accounts. 

Business Accounts Individual Accounts
  • Ideal for trading on behalf of your organization.
  • Administrators can include team members.
  • New team members will have to mandatorily partake in the KYC process. This process can be done individually or through a third party. 
  • The members of a business account are assigned different permissions. Hence they are entrusted with a key to unlock their levels within the business account.
  • These permissions will dictate the ability of one member To manage and implement fund transfers from accounts or subaccounts, invite new members, and perform other activities.
  • Ideal for individual traders.
  • Individual account holders can allot multiple keys to the sub-accounts they hold. These keys are assigned different roles to access the rights to certain responsibilities— like trading, withdrawal, and so on.
  • All GRVT services and permissions are customizable and ensure full control over the designation.


Salient features of the platform:

  1. Customization of Access and Control 

The platform enables account holders to invite and entrust people with multiple keys to access assigned roles.

  1. Full control of Assets

GRVT allows secure trading in a decentralized trading environment. It grants users risk-free self-accountability of assets and enables margin management— all of this by harnessing the power of zkSync.

  1. Risk Management at its Best

GRVT allows cross-margining to maximize the margining potential.  

A partial liquidation option is available to limit losses.

Pre-sign margin top-up feature available

  1. Wallet Solution

The GRVT wallet solution is fit for beginners and can be set up using just the email address.

  1. Simplified Stats

GRVT simplifies complex strategies and presents them in a way for beginners to understand better. The platform provides already established strategies and options to choose from.

  1. Anonymous trading

With this feature, one can trade complete confidentiality of your portfolio.

Apart from that, there are a plethora of rewards waiting to be unlocked. So check it out yourself! And register yourself for the waiting list.

GRVT Rewards Program 

As an exclusive reward program, the GRVT club is made invites only. To preserve its exclusivity use my GRVT invite code C0RDZ9J or use the link to join the waitlist. To maximize your chances of getting rewards, use your weekly invite code to attract new users. The more your invitees trade the bigger your rewards get. You get to:

  • Earn points from their trades for GRVT airdrop rights
  • Chance to win the zkSync Mystery Box.


Note: it is advised to invite genuine trading candidates. Points earned from fake accounts will not be counted in rewards. 

To redeem points: 

  1. Add items you like to the basket.
  2. Tap on the ‘View Basket’ or ‘Checkout’ button.
  3. Enter your promo code
  4. Tap Apply.

Important: The promo 

Steps to join the Waitlist using the GRVT invite code

  • Tap on the link
  • Select your account type. Choose Personal if you are trading autonomously.
  • Enter your email address and GRVT invite code C0RDZ9J (if it is not already entered)
  • Tap Next
  • And…you are successfully registered! Yes, it is that simple here.

FAQs about

  1. What is the latest GRVT invite code?

The latest GRVT invite code is FSRA2ND

  1. What is the vision of the GRVT app?

The app was made with the sole intention of making DeFi as popular as possible with multiple levels of security.

  1. Is GRVT safe?

GRVT has multiple layers of security standards and additionally, zkSync technology makes it even more secure to trade in. 

Note: This post contains affiliate codes and links and we might get rewarded when you trade with our unique invite code.

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Digital investor | Crypto enthusiast | Digital marketing expert Founder 25+ active Blogs Finance Graduate from Delhi University Columnist and guest author on 25+ media websites Area of interest and expertise - Finance, Economics, Business, Technology, Startups, Consulting, Blockchain, Content.

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