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OKX Invite Code 8460552 | $30 BTC bonus for new user sign up

  • Join with OKEx invite code 8460552 and get a $30 bonus for new user sign up. OKEX has been rebranded to OKX now.
  • You can get a $10 bonus on deposit, a $10 rebate card on the first transaction, and a $10 worth BTC on a $100 transaction.

OKx invite code

App Codes
OKx invite code 8460552
Only for new users
Signup bonus
BTC worth $30 bonus
Expires on 31-12-2023
App OKx
Android, iOS, Web
KYC Required? Yes
Country Worldwide
Parent company OKEx
Referral Rewards Yes

OKEx invite code review

One of the juicier parts of the OKEx invite code is this is. I will show you guys how to get over $80 worth of crypto by signing up and ten from me from using my link. I’m going to show you guys how this platform has been gaining more and more traction uh and so how you guys can take advantage of this and use your very own referral links to send to your friends or your family to get them to sign up well cryptocurrency is hot while they’re looking for these accounts.

You guys will gain thirty dollars every time you sign someone up, so I’m going to be going over that later in the video, so make sure you stick around for that okay ex is a one-stop exchange for all traders. so they provide spot margin perpetual swaps futures and options trading so they are one of the top five exchanges if I’m not mistaken and they have never been hacked before so typically in my other blogs than OKEx invite code I have been using Binance.


Now with that being said, I have been playing around with this platform since they have reached out to me and you know what it is just as good and it does have a lot of interesting things that I want to show you guys today so before I get too ahead of myself you guys will have to sign up for an account on OKX invite code.

Now I will have a referral link down in the description for you guys to use this will save you on trading fees and then as soon as you deposit a hundred dollars you will also get ten dollars immediately so you will click sign up here and it is a very simple process you can do this through your email or through your phone so it’s going to send you a referral it’s going to reset it’s going to send you a password or a code as soon as you sign up you can also do this through your telegram through your google it is very secure this platform is legit so once you have signed up for the account you will have to go in and basically do your KYC or your know your customer.

This is basically what you had to do with either Binance or some of the other applications um in order to open them you basically just have to show one of your either passport driver’s license or some other country identification card um for you guys to upload so it’s very simple here as you can see I’m all I’ve done my current level two verification so as soon as I verified my email and phone then I went ahead and verified myself through my driver’s license so you can also increase the different levels which will give you different security on this but level two I have now passed and this was just through uploading my driver’s license number.



Once you are past your KYC it is as simple as clicking this buy sell if you’re wanting to buy bitcoin. OKEx give you a ton of different options to play with, so you can do it through visa MasterCard apple pay or interact so depending on your country, uh it may or may not be open for you, so you have many options to get money into here I also want to mention they recently came out with the unified account, so this is a brief introduction n to the benefit and a tutorial all about it if you guys want to go into more in-depth make sure to visit this-depth sure to read the entire thing.

I’m just briefly going to highlight the top line notes here for you, so you’re able to trade all the,e instruments offered by oke, uh using this one account so y, you’re able to use their purchasing power to trade any instruments there’s an improved operational and marginal efficiency having one currency for all tradable products state-of-the-art risk management system and more flexing under the net and short open system.

OKEx invite code benefits

So they have short opener m, odes here simple mode single currency margin mode and multi-multi multi-corrodes margin mode excuse me so single is for spot traders and option buyers single currency margin mode is for margin and derivative traders, and then multi margin mode is, for the professional institution and API trader very very cool different steps and different tools you can use depending on your knowledge in the matter now the OKEx invite code dashboard is straightforward to navigate through straightforward buy and sell.

If you’re this is your buy and sell if you’re trying to buy crypto with fiat if you would like to go check out the markets you click on the market at the top and this won the market all the different uh cryptocurrencies that are currently uh available to purchase I also need to mention that, okay the exchange has its chain, so the here you’re able rade anything so the world’s first trading chain so let’s meet okay exchange chain. So it’s a set of open-source, public chain projects developed by OKEx which achieves both high performance and decentralization.

So it aims to promote the development of trading services based on blockchain technology so with this open-source ecosystem you’re allowed users are allowed to launch a variety of decentralized applications issue their digital assets create their own digital asset trading pairs and much more so some of the eight-core features immediate utility and benefits so such as voting rights staking privileges and transaction fee payment um and so I’m just going to pull up the chart here on OKEx invite code, but this is the actual current, price of the okay exchange out and this is the price over out, last year.

So it’s had a pretty good increase over the last year as they continue to build out more and more of the build-out, I do think this is going to be a great token long term because they proceed to bring more and more to bring their platform here now you can trade with like I said basic trading or margin trading inside finance you’re also able to earn from the currency you have in your account here.

Latest OKX invite code benefits

So there are some pretty crazy, pays if you guys want to take at those but make sure to check out that website another huge plus to this website is the academy here so cryptocurrency is still very new and takes and is a sharp learning curve to get to learn everything so make sure you take advantage,e of these free resources, they’re out there, they’re teaching you how to us. They’re you need to take advantage of that.

Now let’s get into the juicy part of the OKX invite code. How can you guys basically rake in all of this d get a couple of hundred dollars worth of crypt ofo just for signing up here? Well, I’m about to show you step by step how to do so so. As soon as you signed up for your account, you can go under okay e x dot com slash rewards.

So this is for new users but you’re able to claim up, to eighty dollars worth just for doing certain things here, so you get ten dollars in free bitcoin by depositing a hundred dollars or more via buying and sell you also get a 20 USD rebate card on your first crypto deposit of a hundred dollars or more and you get 50 in free bitcoin asked after passing photo verification and completing trading milestones.

So like I mentioned you’re just verifying yourself completing a couple of trading milestones and you get eighty dollars worth of crypto here if that doesn’t get sweet enough they also have what’s called free bitcoin so okay x dot com slash free bitcoin you get free bitcoin every day so earn free bitcoin in rewards by completing daily learning milestones extra rewards for inviting friends to okay as well so by doing this I got some by having a mobile verification. And now all I have to do is learn about each of these things for about one minute and I get off these I get a hundred satoshi’s of bitcoin what’s super unique is that I love these lotteries and they also have a lottery here so every Friday they have a reward program here so share 20 of your income from derivative trading weekly.


So to win the lottery and actually have a chance at it the eligibility is as stated so you just need to have the okay account and complete photo verification you’re eligible if your daily average balance is a hundred us or more or if your daily trading volume is a hundred us or more so that’s as easy as it gets in order to get into this reward program brief disclaimer here for you guys i am not a financial advisor and cannot give you financial advice this is for entertainment purposes only and can be taken as such with that also being said okay is unavailable to those in the us but is available to most other countries so make sure you go and check out if it’s available for you and the last thing I want to mention to you guys is that every single person you refer under okay you will get $30 for OKEx invite code so let’s say you’re the first one in your family or your household to basically start trading crypto and once you do everyone will be jealous and want an account as well so make sure to hit them with your referral code and then you both will gain money.

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Digital investor | Crypto enthusiast | Digital marketing expert Founder 25+ active Blogs Finance Graduate from Delhi University Columnist and guest author on 25+ media websites Area of interest and expertise - Finance, Economics, Business, Technology, Startups, Consulting, Blockchain, Content.

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