Bitsz Referral Code 38bba | Get 50% Referral CB signup

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Bitsz Referral Code 38bba | Get 50% Referral CB signup

  • Use the Bitsz referral code 38bba and sign up for the exchange
  • Earn referral commission on every trade of the person you referred up to 3 levels.

Bits exchange overview

Bitsz technologies are launching a digital exchange platform that focuses on multi-asset support and regulatory compliance. As we demonstrate in the sections below, there is an underserved market for reliable cryptocurrency exchange with a robust operational and technological infrastructure to meet the demands of global users.

Bitsz Referral code

The latest referral code of Bitsz exchange is 38bba and you can earn a referral bonus when you sign up with the referral code.

App.  Codes
Bitsz Referral code 38bba
Eligibility Only for new users.
New user bonus 50% Referral bonus
Expires on 31-12-2023
App BitsZ
Platforms Web, Android & iOS to be launched soon
KYC Required? Yes
Country India
The parent company Bitsz Technologies
Referral Rewards Yes

Bitsz vision and mission

Bitsz referral code is a Blockchain-based company founded on the idea to provide a complete service of enterprise-grade platforms that allow you to purchase or sell digital assets. We envision a world in which all kinds of assets are traded using blockchains, in tokenized form and envisioned to be an enterprise-grade platform that is capable of protecting, trading, and managing the investments with digital assets.


Explore the next-generation exchange, the most efficient online trading, and the most efficient price Defi aggregators with the help of our full-stack platforms: truetrade coinszbot, bitszbot, and truetrade. This white paper will outline the full advantages and benefits of true trade, while the other platforms, bitszbot, and coinwheel can be presented in the next version.

Truetrade is a company that aims to provide a suitable platform to facilitate the listing and ongoing management of a wide range that utilizes blockchain Bitsz referral code technology. Despite the increase in cryptos, there’s an absence of exchanges that can help the growing number of cryptocurrencies. Our platform’s initial listing charges, as well as annual charges, will differ depending on the type of asset instead of the capitalization of the market.

One of the most annoying aspects of the newly established community of tokens and coins is the high fees for listing that are based on feedback. true trade hopes to improve the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem by providing a platform for tokens and coins that are qualified that are facing difficulties to be listed on the major exchanges.

Features of Bitsz exchange

Leverage trading Institutional trading API Liquidity pool Encouraging new base coins Leverage/Margin trading & Lending is available By default features- Limit, Market & Stop Limit. More features to be added like Fill or Kill, Stop to Open, and many more BTC, ETH, NEO, and many more Institutional Investors are supported. Enough System controls to check any abnormalities such as negative values and will prevent any hacking attempt.

User-friendly UI Smart AI Bots for trading Single stop solution Truetrade believes in customer centricity and convenient access from a single platform in just a few steps especially for the beginner who is new to its referral code.


Trading bots based on AI technology helps the users to fetch the best rates and execute hassle-free trade of crypto of their choice. True trade on boards all the Reliable global crypto exchanges on one single platform. Users can avail of the discount of 25% by using true trade token for doing successful trade

The existing digital assets exchanges have not been able to meet the vast expectations and demands of global consumers regarding the demands of cryptocurrency trading. This new innovation and development of blockchain technology are attracting users to the blockchain-based digital asset-based financial system. There is an enormous opportunity of introducing new products and services to the world of digital assets.

Final conclusion about Bitsz

Bitsz referral code’s foremost priority is to safeguard data and secure users. The structure of the data system is based on a complex algorithm to store sensitive and restricted data in an uncentralized method. Private keys that are not used are kept in offline mode within the system. The cold-storage vault makes use of auditable and open hardware infrastructure.



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