Junio Referral Code AMAL5181 to earn up to 1000₹ Cashback

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Junio Referral Code AMAL5181 to earn up to 1000₹ Cashback

  • Junio Smart Card lets your child learn how to earn, spend and save.
  • Join today with the Junio referral code AMAL5181 to earn up to Rs. 1000 CB.

Whether it’s good food, clothing, education, or career, every parent hopes their kids to have the best. One of the most crucial skills that a youngster must learn on his own is to properly manage, spend and save money. Old fashioned and reasonable allowances can teach children the importance of waiting and spending.

However, it is essential to make kids financially literate. What better way than introducing Junio, your child’s smart card for all their online and offline payments while you keep a thoughtful eye over their spending!

Junio Smart Card lets your child learn how to earn, spend and save.

• It can be ordered effortlessly and conveniently. There is no need for complete KYC verification processes for the physical card. 

• Your child won’t be needing to borrow your card on and off or demand you for the OTP.

• You can instantly top up the Junio card, and just like that, it is ready for use by the kiddo. This shall encourage youngsters to be more active, engage in healthy behaviors, and get better grasp of finances.


Junio will assure that your child never runs out of money in any sort of emergency, even if you are away.

When your child performs the activities that you assign, they can earn pocket money.
Bonus additions can be used to incentivize good conduct.
They can also learn how to put aside money for that big-ticket item they’ve been eyeing, and you can give them “interest” on the cash they save.

Quick Round-Up of Junio.

Exchange Junio
Sign Up Bonus Up to ₹200
Referral Reward
Up to ₹1000
Junio Referral Code AMAL5181
Country India

♦ Transfer money to your child’s account whatever the time is, wherever the place is.

♦ Set allowances on autopilot on a weekly or monthly basis.

♦ Get instant notifications whenever the card is being used.

♦ Buy stuff online or offline, wherever the MasterCard is accepted.

Available Offers and Cashbacks.

∗ When you add/load money using UPI, you will receive flat 2% cashback. 
Within week of putting money in the form of scratch card, you will earn this Cashback.
When you swipe your card at local shop, gas station, or other location, you’ll get flat 3% cashback. 
On purchases above 99, you may get 30% discount up to ₹150. 
During the promotion time, each user is only allowed to use the code twice.
When someone requests Junio Card using your referral code, you may earn up to Rs.1000 in referral rewards.

Junio Referral Programme


Junio referral programme is yet another exciting referral reward programme that allows you to earn as much as you refer. Whenever anyone orders a Junio Card using your Referral code, we will give you and your friend a scratch card. You both can get up to Rs 1000 through that scratch card.

There are no limits on the number of friends you can refer to Junio! And yes, that sure does mean you can earn unlimitedly!

How to Join Junio Referral Programme?

If you’ve already signed up to Junio

1. Log in to the Junio App and go to the home screen where you’ll see the ‘Referral button’.

2. You may touch it to view your unique referral code/referral link.

3. Copy the link and share it with your connections!

If you’re not an existing Junio user

You may sign up to Junio and follow the before-mentioned steps.

Each person that uses your referral code to buy Junio card is regarded as a referral. 
You get your prize in the style of scratch card as quickly as someone orders the card.

How to Register and get a Sign Up Bonus?

1. Download the Junio app from Google Play Store. (Web version of Junio is also available)

2. Fill in your mobile number to get started. Verify the number with the OTP received.

3. Create to security PIN, and re-enter it to confirm.

4. Enter the required details such as your full name, DOB, Gender, etc.

5. You can decide on the next choices according to your preferences. (whether you’re a guardian ordering for his/her child or a user ordering for themself)

6. On clicking proceed, you can choose what sort of document you want to upload to verify your identity. (You can choose from your PAN card, Voter ID, Passport, or Driving license.)

7. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you may continue.

8. You can also add your child’s details if you want, or skip if you don’t.

9. You can add your address, in which you’d like to receive the physical card.

How to Use the Junio Referral Code to Get Scratch Cards Worth ₹1000?

1. You can order your Junio card for just ₹99

2. When asked if you have a Junio Referral Code, You may use AMAL5181


3. Yay! You’ll now have earned an instant cashback from 50 to 1000 Rupees!

Junio Refer and Earn Programme

Earn by sharing your Junio Referral Code

Refer the Junio app to your friends to earn up to 1000 Rupees

Your reward will be credited to your account within 24 hours.

You can withdraw your referred amount using the same MasterCard!


Let’s Wrap Up!

That’s all about Junio for your junior fella’s decent piggy bank. Teach your children to manage finances responsibly and efficiently. Join today with the Junio referral code AMAL5181 to earn up to Rs. 1000 CB.

Share our article with your connections with the same enthusiasm you guys have while sharing your referral codes! In the meantime, you can read our previous posts too!

Leave a comment if you want to share your views and clarify doubts if any.

See you later, folks.



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