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P2PB2B Referral code 55a8843b | Get 15% Cashback as bonus for new users

  • Join with P2PB2B Referral code 55a8843b and get 15% Cashback as a bonus for new users.
  • Get a flat 15% cashback when you first start trading with p2pb2b. start trading with the next-gen exchange platform.

P2PB2B Referral code 55a8843b | Get 15% Cashback as a bonus for new users

Register on P2PB2B with the referral code 55a8843b can avail a new user sign-up bonus exclusively only on the web or app. Enjoy the offer and cashback offers now.

Exchange Codes
P2PB2B referral code 55a8843b
Eligibility New users only
Sign-up Bonus 15% cashback
Expires on 31-12-2022
Exchange P2PB2B
Platforms Android, iOS, Web, Mac OS App, Mobile
KYC required Yes
Country Estonia
Parent Company P2PB2B
Referral Rewards Yes


What is P2PB2B?

The P2PB2B is an Estonia cryptocurrency exchange that directly works for the benefit of its users. This platform includes all the necessary and required features making it more user-friendly. It is one of the best exchanges for newbies and professionals working in crypto. They offer competitive cryptocurrency exchange rates and discounts on the trading fee for PACT holders.

They run the token sales of which are promising crypto assets, which enables you to invest more easily in the new currencies. Also, there are many services available such as the earning deposit program, regular gamification events, trading competitions, referral program games.

Why P2PB2B referral code?

  • It provides High Performance. It is the distinguishing feature of P2PB2B that support for processing speed is of up to 10,000 trades every second and 1,000,000 TCP connections.
  • P2PB2B support over 200 cryptocurrencies and fiat money, including BTC, ETH, USD, and others.
  • A fully dedicated support team is provided. You may submit a ticket to them, send an e-mail, or also can communicate in a live way.
  • Their main focus is on Security. They keep more than 95% of the cryptocurrencies stored in a cold wallet. They use WAF (Web Application Firewall), which is a protective screen of a web application that can detect and block hacker attacks.
  • It has an Optimized User Interface. More operate friendly as it is a Single Page Application that enables faster interaction via dynamic content update. to sum up the function, it works at a fast speed for you.



  • P2PB2B review on Bitcointalk

According to the Bitcointalk reviews, the website has a quick thread about the P2PB2B which also includes the unofficial review talks. the users need to understand that many users try to earn reputation points on the forum which helps them built stability in the market.

  • P2PB2B review on trustpilot

People rank the exchange platform by giving them stars out of 5. The majority said that is it Excellent in working.

BENEFITS OF P2PB2B Referral code

It remains one of the most exciting parts of referring that what happens when you get the referral benefit. In what form it comes? In what type of benefit you are in?

You get the flat 15% cashback on the fee first of the p2pb2b exchange and whenever you first sign-up for it. moreover, when you share a referral code or use it, the owner of the code gets the 15% of the benefits of the user of the code every time the user makes a trade on the platform.

The PACT is designed as such making it more user-friendly and convenient to use and altogether to get the most profitable out of it. The platform allows to get increased profit, save funds on commission and get exclusive airdrops for Community members only which proves it to be a great plus point of the platform.

Also, when you get PACT, you can use your stake to participate in the free giveaway airdrop token which is one of the available services. and herein, the larger your stake, the more benefit you will get from it, straight away.

How to use P2PB2B referral code 55a8843b

Join p2pb2b by entering the P2PB2b referral code 55a8843b

P2PB2B is the next generation cryptocurrencies exchange platform, solemnly work for the overall profit of your users. You will have another level of experience with it with its exchange programs.

How to purchase crypto using the P2PB2B referral code?

  1. At first, you need to visit the website of p2pb2b and will have to sign-up as a new user with a p2pb2b referral code to avail of the reward by p2pb2b referral code as it is only applicable for new users. Only new users can get the 15% cashback after the registration.
  2. Do not forget to use our p2pb2b referral code while sign up. Complete the registration with the required documents and a photo of yours and the other details asked.
  3. Online KYC is needed to proceed with the usage of p2pb2b. Complete the KYC verification process for Deposit and Trades in fee for taker 0.2% and maker 0.2%.
  4. Next in the profile, you will be able to see your referral code. you can use that referral code to invite friends and avail of the 15% commission cashback on the trades your friends make. And even before they start training, you will get a reward for just joining them.
  5. You can buy crypto via any debit or credit card.


P2PB2B fee

P2PB2B Trading fees

The limit set by p2pb2b is flat 0.2% for the trading fees. The maker and the taker, both need to pay 0.2% of the trade with success. And even this 0.2% is slightly less than what is average of the global industry, i.e. approx. 0.25%.

P2pB2B Withdrawal fees

you must be very well aware of the techniques of the industry and market, that none work for the total profit of the users only and not for them. Here in p2pb2b, you will find that they keep a very low charge on a trading fee on the exchange but the withdrawal fees are high which gives the company their profit.

And yes it is obvious, once start trade, even to come back you need to get hit by that withdrawal fees. And if you wish to trade this way, this exchange is not for you people.

This p2pb2b charges about 0.001 BTC when you withdraw a BTC. Although this is an acceptable fee high in the market still it is higher than the global industry average BTC-withdrawal fee, i.e. of about 0.000812 BTC. but according to the perspectives of the crypto exchange experts, the withdrawal fees are more of an indicator than a trading fee where the companies put themselves and rank on a global level.

Deposit Methods

For the deposit methods, the p2pb2b offers wire transfer and also via credit card, which is indeed a very helpful way for any new investor. they also offer and accept fiat currency deposits which make p2pb2b an ‘entry-level exchange’, where the new investors take their first thrilling step in the crypto world.

P2PB2B Security

You will notice that the security is kept a bit good by p2pb2b as 96% of the assets are stored in the cold wallets. And the page has the ‘WAF’, web application firewall-based smart screen which detects and blocks all hacker’s attacks.

Click to register with P2PB2B now.

Click here to directly jump to the p2pb2b website to register


The exchange platform, P2PB2B is a quite young platform because of which enough observations are not made. but they have started with a strong team. Although the company is legit, somewhere lacks customer support which drives away the users from the platform. You can consider signing up with a p2pb2b referral code from this page.

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