Wazirx Referral Code for new user signup and get 50% referral CB

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Wazirx Referral Code for new user signup and get 50% referral CB

  • Join with Wazirx referral code ujeq4pg4 and sign up for the best platform for purchasing cryptocurrencies in India.
  • WazirX has a large user base. Wazirx comes with many benefits, as compared to other Indian crypto exchanges.
  • Join Wazirx to trade more than 50 top cryptocurrencies.

Wazirx Referral code for new user signup bonus 2021

Use the referral code ujeq4pg4 from the table below and sign up as a new user on Wazirx app. Complete your KYC online to start trading online. Wazirx is India’s most trusted crypto exchange.

App Codes
WazirX Referral Code  ujeq4pg4
Eligibility Only for new users
Signup bonus 50% Referral CB
Expires on 31-12-2023
App WazirX
Android, iOS, Web, Mac, Windows
KYC Required? Yes
Country India
Parent company Binance
Referral Rewards Yes


How to Sign up with the WazirX referral code?

  1. Download the Wazirx mobile app from the Google Playstore. Sign in with your email id or contact number.
  2. Use the Wazirx referral Code ujeq4pg4 when signing up
  3. Complete online KYC on the WazirX app.
  4. For your KYC documents verification by WazirX Team, you must wait for 24hrs after they are submitted.
  5. Before you start your investment, educate yourself about different cryptocurrencies.

WazirX app benefits

WazirX’s popularity as India’s top cryptocurrency trading app is due to a few factors. The wazirx application was developed by a few crypto enthusiasts. Below are the benefits of trading using wazirx.

  1. Crypto has the best security.
  2. KYC fast and easily
  3. Blockchain network transactions are quick and lightning-fast.
  4. Available on 5 platforms Android (Windows, Mac), Web, iOS, and Mac (Mac, Windows).
  5. Simple, efficient design with a user interface.

wazirx code new user

WazirX WRX Coin

WazirX backed WRX to help build its ecosystem’s backbone. We launched WRX coins to encourage WazirX supporters. We also give them rewards for their efforts in achieving our success. This allows WazirX and its supporters to continue to embrace blockchain and cryptocurrency, as well as early adopters to share in the success of WazirX.

WazirX Referral Program

Wazirx offers a referral program that is rewarding and permanent. You will receive 50% of all trading fees for any new users to which you have referred them, with no cap. Share your unique referral link on social media. Remember to enter the referral code (87b3yj3z) when signing up at Wazirx. The person you referred can also alternatively use your referral code to sign up as a new user instead of clicking on the referral link.

Major update on Wazirx referral program

Wazirx announced a significant update to the referral program on 15th August 2021. With effective from August 15th, you can only earn the referral commission in the form of WRX coins and not in BTC, INR, ETH. This will make a big impact on the trade volume, transaction rates, market cap of WRX coin.

WazirX Fees/Trading charges (Trading Fees), Deposit and Withdrawal costs

  • WazirX trade fees are less than Binance, Coinswitch, or other crypto apps.
  • WazirX may charge different trading fees. It is essential that you know the differences between trading and how you could save money while making more transactions.
  • There are three main fees associated with every Crypto exchange: a taker and maker fee as well an intraday fee. A deposit fee has been added to most Indian exchanges. These new bank deposit fees were established after banks stopped supporting Crypto Exchanges.
  • The different types of fees involved in Wazirx are taker fee and maker fee and deposit/ withdrawal fees.

Final conclusion: WazirX India’s number one crypto exchange. If trading cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH is something you want to do, WazirX should be your first choice, and please consider signing up with our Wazirx referral code.


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