Zb.com Referral Code 7282denn | Get 100% Cashback for new user

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Zb.com Referral Code 7282denn | Get 100% Cashback for new user

  • Join Zb.com and use Zb.com referral code 7282denn to avail of the reward
  • New users joining from the Zb.com referral code can get 100% cashback.

Zb.com Referral Code 7282denn | Get 100% Cashback for new user

Exchange Codes
Zb.com 7282denn
Eligibility       New users only
Sign-up Bonus 100% cashback
Expires on 31-12-2022
Exchange Zb.com
Platforms Android, iOS, Web, Mobile
KYC required Yes
Country Zurich, Switzerland
Parent Company ZB group
Referral Rewards Yes

Zb.com referral code

What is Zb.com?

Zb.com is a Zurich-based cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain development stage. It manages a huge network that includes digital assets exchanges, wallets, capital ventures, research institutions, and media.

It is one of the largest trading communities which even includes the innovative crypto trading platform and Bw.com which is the world’s first mining pool-based exchange.

Zb.com has issued its own cryptocurrency in the market, the Zb token which is used alongside a number of US-based coins. In the race of market platforms racing in the trade, as stated by the CoinMarketCap, Zb.com referral code was the sixth-largest cryptocurrency exchange ranked by US dollar value of its volume traded daily.

Why Zb.com?

The reason behind why people join and are joining the zb.com exchange is because it provides cryptocurrency exchange services for both the cryptos to fiat and crypto to crypto trading pairs.


Since the foundation, it has only climbed up the ranks. Also, China has very harsh rules against cryptocurrency trading but because Zb.com has its headquarters in Hong Kong, it is somewhere apart from the harsh laws of China.

There are many VIP levels starting from 0 to 9 with which you can sign-up and avail of the different benefits with the level of Zb.com.

Benefits of Zb.com Referral Code

This is the company that primarily services the country China and the Asian investors and the traders but it accepts traders from all over the world with customizable website language of the trading platform.

Exchange Platform

Zb.com has a very attractive and good-handling web-based trading platform which very suited for both beginner and professional marketers. The users have access to countless tools and technical indicators for charting analysis for the vast experience.

Even this platform features cryptocurrencies that are very undervalued which are great buys for cryptocurrency traders.

Security and Fairness

In the Cryptocurrency community among the members, Zb.com is known for the safe and secure cryptocurrency exchange. The security issue is taken as the topmost measure that ensures its users the safety of their funds. Even, the platform can be activated with the login of google and 2-step verification when transferring or withdrawing. The authentication of email and SMS can also be enabled and the login and transaction PIN has to be different.


Zb.com provides solid support to its customers. Either in the FAQs form, or dropping an email, 24/7 support assistant, etc.


Users get a bonus on applying each zb.com referral code.

How to use Zb.com Referral Code 7282denn

While joining zb.com as a new user use the referral code 7282denn while registering. You will have to enter the code along with your credentials.

Then you will be given a whole 100% cashback on your fee just when you log into the portal.

How to purchase crypto using Zb.com

  1. The very first step is to go to the zb.com website either through searching or with the link given below ( with the link given below you will be directed to the zb.com website) and there you need to sign-up as the new user only as the coupon code can be availed only by new users.
  2. You need to register as a new user using your credential details and don’t forget to use our code while signing up as then only you will be given the bonus.
  3. Log in to the portal with your account details and do not forget the details. You will be given the bonus instantly into your wallet of the 100% cashback on your fee.
  4. Also, you will see an invite a Zb.com referral code of your own which you can share with your friends and will get a bonus while they trade.
  5. Then you will be able to see a list of company’s ranking while they trade in marketing. You can purchase the coins and invest.

Zb.com fee

The subscription of zb.com has to be done in the different VIP level zones from 0-9.

With VIP 1 Level.

The trading fee is 0.18% and is 0.09% while paying with zb with a purchase of 100 ZB.

With VIP 2 Level.

The trading fee is 0.16% and is 0.08% while paying with zb with purchase of 500 ZB.

With VIP 3 Level.

The trading fee is 0.14% and is 0.07% while paying with zb with purchase of 1000 ZB.

With VIP 4 Level.

The trading fee is 0.12% and is 0.06% while paying with zb with purchase of 5000 ZB.

With VIP 5 Level.

The trading fee is 0.1% and is 0.05% while paying with zb with purchase of 20k ZB.

With VIP 6 Level.

The trading fee is 0.09% and is 0.045% while paying with zb with purchase of 30k ZB.

With VIP 7 Level.

The trading fee is 0.08% and is 0.04% while paying with zb with purchase of 40k ZB.

With VIP 8 Level.

The trading fee is 0.07% and is 0.035% while paying with zb with purchase of 50k ZB.

With VIP 9 Level.

The trading fee is 0.06% and is 0.03% while paying with zb with purchase of 60k ZB.

The transaction fee is as low as 0.03% with zb.com and its zb.com referral code program.

VIP rights which you get with Zb.

  • The comparative than other platforms ultra-low transaction fee of the platform is there.
  • You will be given Ultra UP Purchase Quota with Zb on your account.
  • VIP customer service report will be provided for the users for a better and uninterrupted experience and claims it to be without delay.
  • The very exclusive privileges will be given to the users which you can see in the guide on the platform website.

Go to Zb.com Referral Code website

Click here to go to Zb.com to directly sign-up and avail of the Zb.com referral code and get a new user bonus of 100% CB.

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