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Bilaxy Referral Id 1610648 | Get 40% Referral commission bonus

  • Join Bilaxy and Use Bilaxy referral id 1610648 to avail of the new user bonus.
  • Trade with the advanced crypto exchange platform and get many rewards.

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Bilaxy Referral Id 1610648 | Get 40% Referral commission Bonus

Here is the Bilaxy referral id 1610648 to get a new user referral commission on your first transaction. Make sure to use the referral code to receive the signup bonus.

Exchange Codes
Bilaxy 1610648
Eligibility New users only
Sign-up Bonus 40% referral bonus
Expires on 31-12-2023
Exchange Crypto-to-crypto
Platforms Android, iOS, Web, Mac OS App, Mobile
KYC required Yes
Country unknown
Parent Company Bilaxy
Referral Rewards Yes

What is Bilaxy?

Bilaxy Trading

The Bilaxy exchange platform was launched in the year 2018. The domicile country of the Bilaxy is unclear and the policymakers so the users are advised to be stay alert while trading on the platform.

But from some sources, it is found that exchange is registered in the Republic of Seychelles and it claims to have thousands of users trading on the platform from more than countries all over the world.

On the platform, you can trade with a lot many known and unknown altcoins against the ETH. But there is no fiat currency exchange on the platform.

Even after staying unknown, it provides trading with many and many unknown coins which the users trade with is becoming the reason for the platform to be persistent and stay in work.

Why Bilaxy referral code?

Bilaxy referral code

The number of benefits and the reasons to stay and trade on the limited but valid to stay.

  • Trading volume is seen to be good on the platform.
  • The liquidity for new tokens is kept in a measuring point on the platform in the and in the strong focus.
  • It trades with more than 150 trading pairs and wants to get into the list leading cryptocurrency exchange platform and is thus keeping it hard to be in there.

Quick Bilaxy Reviews

  • From – The trading platform, Bilaxy, places a keen measure on liquidity for new tokens for global crypto traders. With 150+ more crypto pairs, Bilaxy aims to establish a leading global trading platform that provides a broad range of trading products and services for global traders with a focus on transparency, reliability, quality execution, and client services.
  • From – The trading platform Bilaxy’s domicile country is unclear. This is not a red flag per se, but we recommend all visitors to be careful and form their own opinion on whether Bilaxy is a legitimate exchange or not and the exchange is available in English and Chinese, so a reasonable assumption is that Bilaxy’s domicile country is either China or Hong Kong. While the country of origin of exchange is never a guarantee of its quality, so the security is to be kept under surveillance and we note that also the world-leading exchanges Binance and KuCoin have their headquarters in Hong Kong. And there is a huge trade volume seen on the platform.

Benefits of Bilaxy referral code

Bilaxy referral code

  • A very broad range of products and fine services are provided to the customers. Especially for the expert traders who need the advanced tools and range of products.
  • They focus on main transparency with the user trading and their procedure.
  • Reliability is seen on the platform according to the trades and the user experience.
  • The quality execution is there of the trades with marked them as to be with speed of light.
  • The Client service is also kept in the focus to let the users experience without trouble and any interruption.

Bilaxy Trading view

Bilaxy referral code

How to use Bilaxy Referral id and purchase crypto on Bilaxy?

  • first of all, you need to visit the official website of Bilaxy and click on the sign-up button to start registering yourself as a new user.
  • As shown above, you will be taken to the registration page and then fill out the details.
  • All you have to do is start with the email registration providing your email and fill out the password then confirm it after that verify the captcha.
  • Email code will be sent to your mail id, enter that email code and do not forget to apply the Bilaxy referral id there and then proceed with the registration.
  • When you log into your account the bonus through Bilaxy referral id will be credited to your account.
  • Also, you will be given a bilaxy referral id of your own which you can use to invite your friends through which you can too avail of the referral bonus.
  • With Bilaxy Referral id using its referral program you can earn lifetime free referral money. After you get the Bilaxy referral id share it with your friend and they join the platform with your Bilaxy referral id you will get the referral commission from the trading of your friends.

Bilaxy Fees

Trading Fees

  • The maker fees charge is 0.2%.
  • The taker fees charge is0.2%.

If you have set BIA for the payment of trading, you will be given a 50% discount and will be charged 0.1% trading fees.

Deposit Fees

  • There is no deposit fees and no minimum deposit requirement.

Withdrawal Fees

  • Bilaxy charges 0.02 ETH per Ethereum (ETH) withdrawal, which is a slight Ethereumbove the global average of Ethereum withdrawal charge.
  • It charges 0.0007 BTC per Bitcoin (BTC) Withdrawal, which is in line with the global average of BTC withdrawal fees.

Bilaxy Referral id Link

Click here to access the Bilaxy referral id to avail of the new user referral bonus with the Bilaxy referral code

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