Bitbns Referral Code 1106372 | BTC worth ₹100 bonus

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Bitbns Referral Code 1106372 | BTC worth ₹100 bonus

  • Join Bitbns with Bitbns Referral Code 1106372 and avail of the new user bonus.
  • You can avail of the new user bonus with the Bitbns Referral Code 1106372 and will get BTC worth ₹100 bonus.

Bitbns referral code

Bitbns Referral Code 1106372 | BTC worth ₹100 bonus

Sign up with the Bitbns referral code 1106372 and get a new user bonus of BTC worth Rs 100 only for the new users.

Exchange Codes
Bitbns referral code 1106372
Eligibility New users only
Sign-up Bonus BTC worth ₹100
Expires on 31-12-2013
Exchange Bitcoin
Platforms Android, iOS, Web, Mac OS App, Mobile
KYC required Yes
Country India
Parent Company Buyhatke Internet Pvt. Ltd.
Referral Rewards Yes

What is Bitbns?


The Bitbns – bitcoin buy n sell is an Indian Cryptocurrency exchange platform. It is a new upgrowing platform among Indian digital asset exchange users. Bitbns launched in the year 2017.

A lot more than 139+ cryptocurrencies can be traded on the platform by the users.

This cryptocurrency exchange platform is only available for Indian users. At least you need to have a +91 Indian number.

Why Bitbns?

  • The platform is completely safe and secure for the users. The fully verified KYC, the Two-step verification, while using the app the fingerprint or PIN access to open it. And yes, when there’s a lot of security, it only adds to the more safety of the platform.
  • This platform has advanced tools and features with whose help you can easily automate your buy and sell on the platform.
  • The Brackets Order lets you maintain the least risk of which comes with the Trailing Stop Limit.
  • The platform of Bitbns is a verified platform through the official branches which improves the quality of the network of the system which makes the verified network of Bitbns. It is even verified for the security issues and operational inefficiencies.
  • The security team support is 27/7. You can get the solution to the problem after contacting the team and describing the problem(s).

Quick Reviews of Bitbnns

  • From – The cryptocurrency trading Indian platform Bitbns was launched on 14 December 2017, in between the Bitcoin frenzy. Where the users can trade more than 70 different cryptocurrencies. Out of all the Indian exchanges in our Cryptocurrency Exchange List, this platform Bitbns is actually the one that supports trading in the biggest number of cryptocurrencies available.
  • From – For the trading platform Bitbns the 10 out of 13 reviews or 77% five an excellent rating. According to the user’s mentioned experience, there is good customer support, the application is user-friendly, and some suggest that it is the best crypto exchange based in India. Altogether, Bitbns reviews are excellent.



The benefits of using the platform or the app of Bitbns –

  • The platform provides users the free sign-up that is that users can create and hold their cryptos without any fees.
  • For the deposit and withdrawal methods, P2P mode is used for undisturbed transactions.
  • Even you can lend or borrow your digital assets with the help of Margin Trading which can help you multiply your digital assets.
  • The user interface of the platform is user-friendly. It helps beginner traders or users to understand things in a more clear and straightway.
  • The platform has one very interesting feature of putting the Stop-limit-order. Where the user can place it on the limit of the loss tolerance found and then can be protected by keeping the things in control. Through this extra downside protection is given to the user.
  • The platform provides an unlimited referral program for all time being in the activation. Users are given their own Bitbns referral code which you can use to invite your friends and will get the rewards on their trading fees.

How to use Bitbns referral code and purchase crypto through Bitbns?

To avail of the bonus you will have to sign-up as a new user on the platform with the Bitbns referral code.

  • First of all, go to the website and click on the sign-up option to start as a new user. Then fill out the details required along with either your email or your phone number. And do not forget to fill the Bitbns referral code to avail the new user bonus.


  • You will be verified with the simple details only and the Bitbns referral code will be applied to the account through which your reward will be credited.
  • After you log into the account you will be given your own Bitbns referral code which you can use to invite your friends and will get the rewards on their trading fees.
  • Things to remember before to how to purchase crypto. The person should be fully acknowledged with the crypto market circle and of then invest in the well-studied purchase only.
  • All the listings of the provided trading currencies will be on the platform’s website to see through.

Bitbns Fees

Trading Fees

  • The maker fees charge is 0.25%.
  • The taker fees charge is 0.25%.

Both the charges are the same as the global industry average.

Withdrawal Fees

  • The exchanges charge very low fees, They charge 0.0004 BTC per Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawal. Which is almost about 40% less than the global average withdrawal charge of BTC.

Access the Bitbns referral bonus

Click here to go to Bitbns and avail the new user bonus using Bitbns referral code

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