Bithumb Referral Code z8srat | Get 100% Cashback as referral bonus

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Bithumb Referral Code z8srat | Get 100% Cashback as referral bonus

  • Join Bithumb with Bithumb Referral Code z8srat to avail of the bonus.
  • Signing up as a new user will let’s avail the rewards of the new users of 100% cashback of referral.

Bithumb Referral Code z8srat | Get 100% Cashback as referral bonus

The referral code of Bithumb is z8srat and you can get 100% cashback upon using the code on signing up and is only applicable to new users registering from the web or app.

Exchange Codes
Bithumb Referral Code z8srat
Eligibility New users only
Sign-up Bonus 100% cashback
Expires on 31-12-2025
Exchange Bithumb
Platforms Android, iOS, Web, Mac OS App, Mobile
KYC required Yes
Country Korea
Parent Company BTC Korea
Referral Rewards Yes

bithumb referral code

What is Bithumb?

Bithumb is a South Korea-based cryptocurrency exchange. Founded in 2014, Bithumb Korea is one of the best and most influential blockchain platforms to buy, sell, exchange, and trade cryptocurrency. it has almost of 8 million registered users and 1 million mobile app regular users.


Providing service to mostly the people who are based from Korea only. The Bithumb offers the crypto exchange trading pair with the Korean Won. While Bitcoin remains the most trading coin, but still the Bithumb also offers a very selection of altcoins. In terms of the exchange value, with Bitcoin, the Bithumb is ranked as of most trading volume.

And apart from Korean, its website is translatable into some other languages too.

Why Bithumb?

The platform, Bithumb is a web-based platform that is extremely simple to use as per the user’s experience review. The feature and functions of the platform give the user a straight self-explanation making it enjoyable and easier for beginner traders.

Even there is a lack of advanced features on the platform, which of course leaves no confusion between the platform and the users using it.

Not only this, there are actually three modes of trading available. First, easy trade, second, general trade, and finally third, reserved trade. So that even when the pro trading expert uses the platform can switch between the modes in order to let him interestingly experience the platform.

And these features are mainly for the users which let users leave some room for trading which lets them decide the exchange of buy or sell cryptocurrency.

As all the exchange platforms offer the gifts or rewards vouchers on the company’s coin exchange, but the Bithumb, not only offers with Bithumb coin, but also with the bitcoin, the gifts, and voucher.


Quick Reviews

Based on Mar 2020, Naver DataLab brand keyword search query results, the Bithumb is 1.48 Million Brand search which is No. 1 Number searches.

Based on Nov 2018 Brand survey report for digital asset exchanges by Macromill Embrain, the Bithumb is No.1 at Top-of-mind awareness and No.1 at Aided awareness which is No. 1 brand power.

Based on 19 Jun 2019 CryptoCompare Exchange Benchmarking, the Bitcoin is Rating A at CryptoCompare overall assessment of digital asset exchanges which is a Comprehensive evaluation of digital asset exchange.

It stayed No. 1 for three consecutive years. with 2020 KMAC, 2019 Korea Standards Association, and  KMAC 2018 FICA, Korea Management Association.

A trust score site,  Based on 27 May 2020 CoinGecko, the Bithumb is 10 out of 10 at trust and transaction score.

At ranking site liquidity, Based on the CoinMarketCap Liquidity as of 27 May 2020, the Bithumb is No.1 liquidity at the domestic exchange.


  • The high trading value is shown on the platform which includes a huge amount of trading volume. It makes it difficult for some specific forces to manipulate the market and safe transactions can be made.
  • There is an abundance of liquidity at the platform, which makes it easy for you and leaves it up to you to decide that at what price you want to sell or buy.
  • Fully 24/7 customer service is provided. You just need to poke or drop a mail at their support mail and the issue will be resolved within some time.
  • Even the 24/7 secure monitoring is done of the platform which makes and keeps the user’s digital assets very safely.
  • You will find a wide range for the selection of cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Bithumb Fee

Bithumb Trading Fee

for both the market takers and the market makers, they charge 0.25% for the trading fee.

Deposit Fee

The deposit fee is zero for all the trading pairs or coins.

Withdrawal Fee

  • For every Bitcoin, they charge 0.001 BTC
  • For every ethereum, they charge 0.02 ETH
  • For every Cardano, they charge 2.0 ADA

How to use Bithumb Referral Code

  • For the very first step, you need to sign-up and choose the individual or business type account according to your need.
  • You need to sign-up either with your email or with your Phone Number to start with making your account.
  • Fill in all the credentials required using your details and do not forget to use the Bithumb referral code to avail the Bithumb referral code bonus of 100% cashback on referral.
  • Proceed with the registration with the Bithumb referral code filled in and then log into the portal with your account.
  • you will be given a Bithumb referral code of your also which you can use to get your friends signed up on Bithumb and you will be given rewards on every trade they make through on your Bithumb referral code.

Bithumb referral code

Click here to directly go to the Bithumb registration page and to avail the new user bonus with the Bithumb referral code.

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