BHEX Invitation Code vjwnel | 50% Referral bonus for new user

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BHEX Invitation Code vjwnel | 50% Referral bonus for new user

  • Join BHEX with BHEX Invitation Code vjwnel to avail new user bonus.
  • Avail of the new user bonus by getting a 50% referral bonus and enjoy the fast trading app.
  • Trade your digital assets with the best and the most convenient digital asset exchange platform, BHEX.


bhex referral code

BHEX Invitation Code vjwnel | 50% Referral bonus for new user

Join BHEX with the invitation code vjwnel to receive 50% referral bonus cashback when you register from a mobile app or website.

Exchange Codes
BHEX invitation code vjwnel
Eligibility New users only
Sign-up Bonus 50% referral bonus
Expires on 31-12-2023
Exchange BHT and altcoins
Platforms Android, iOS, Web, Mac OS App, Mobile
KYC required Yes
Country South Africa
Parent Company BHEX
Referral Rewards Yes

What is BHEX?

blue helix exchnage

BHEX – The Blue Helix Trading Platform was launched in 2018 in Malta. BHEX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is the next-generation innovative crypto assets financial services provider as marked by them.

The trading volume is good on the platform and the liquidity is shown. A total of around 56 institutional investors has backup the BHEX. Even Huobi and OKEX, which are one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges are on the investor’s list of BHEX.

The total system of BHEX is equipped with a high-performance system working. The BHEX system comprises of Multi-nodes system and provides availability of spread out custody and clearing services of the digital asset in the trading.

Also, a token is provided for trading by BHEX, BHT is the token issued by the BHEX trading platform ecosystem for the users.


The ecosystem of the platform of BHEX comprises high-tech performance services for the users. The flowless trading platform provides 100% growth of your digital wealth.

  1. It has the top traditional financial-level infrastructure which is very safe and reliable.
  2. The platform provides users multiple trading options like fiat, spot, contract, and options.
  3. Although the trading pairs are limited to trade with on BHEX but still a total of 25 pairs can be traded with liquidity.
  4. On based on verified users experience and reviews, a strong market depth on the platform and high liquidity which is reliable is seen.
  5. The referral program on the platform is also very good. In that, you will be given the BHEX invitation code which you can use to invite your friends.
  6. The most powerful back of BHEX is that it has the investors backup of cryptocurrency exchange company’s like Huboi and OKEX.
  7.  The BHEX team contains the top internal risk management system and company regulations, minimizing the likelihood of internal misbehaviors and misconduct from any direction into the system.

BHEX Quick Reviews

Verified users and trade experts have experience the performance of the platform and then review them which gives the option to users to go and join or invest more through the BHEX.

  • From – The trading platform BHEX is the next generation digital asset trading platform, with top-notch performance of the matching system which designed for million levels of hand-in-hand transactions. In more, it evolves to a globally spread multi-nodes system and provides spread out custody and clearing services of digital assets to institutional and retail investors transparently.
  • From – the BHEX trading platform is built on the top level of the technologies from the Bluehelix Family. The founding team of BHEX is of experts from top-level finance and IT companies. The whole team together works as per the aim of reshaping the concept of trading digital assets for years and the background of first-class trading platform operations.
  • From –  The platform BHEX is a new cryptocurrency exchange providing services mostly to the Chinese crypto market. The exchange has grown to an astonishingly high volume since launching one year ago, currently on the position of one of the top 50 crypto exchanges worldwide by trading volume measured on factors. The platform BHEX supports a wide range of crypto-to-crypto trades with no KYC/AML verification required. You can also trade perpetual swap contracts or options contracts through BHEX.

Benefits of BHEX invitation code

The number of benefits provided with the platform will attract you towards itself.

  • It has kept both the Trading Fee and the Withdrawal fees very cheap. Maker fee and taker fee are both 0.1% which are very less than the average of the world crypto exchange. And also the withdrawal is fees are just charges of 0.0006 BTC along with the minimum withdrawal amount applied with all the withdrawals.
  • A Native token has been introduced by BHEX to reduce the trading fees. The utility token of BHEX is known as the BHEX Token (BHT) which is of value ERC20 token.
  • The foundational layer of BHEX is based upon the security and custody and clearing technology asset. The mechanism is powered through the blockchain and the cryptography used to move around the money.
  • Payment method – It accepts only the cryptocurrencies as for the payment method. And it uses almost all the highly-known like BTC, ETH, and XRP, and even the lesser-known cryptocurrencies.
  • You can avail of the referral program of the BHEX in which you will be given a BHEX invitation code of your own through which your friend can join which will give a straight trading fee referral bonus to you into your account.

How to join BHEX with BHEX Invitation Code?


  • The first step is that you will have to visit the BHEX website and sign-up as a new user. Using just your email or phone number you will be verified to log in to the portal with your account as a non-OTC user.
  • There you will see the BHEX invitation code, there do not forget to apply the BHEX invitation code in order to avail the new user referral bonus. And the referral bonus will be credited to your account from the BHEX invitation code. Also, you will be given a BHEX invitation code of your own also which you can use to invite your friends. and if your friend joins the platform using your BHEX invitation Code you will be given the referral bonus on their trading fees which will be credited to your wallet.
  • You can start trading on the BHEX platform with just that. But to trade on the OTC desk, you will have to complete the registration verifying yourself with your document to complete the KYC/AML process on the platform.

How to purchase Crypto using BHEX?


  • Firstly study out the crypto well through various sources.
  • And then start purchasing and investing into the trading market willfully acknowledge medium. So not in order to start with the problematic situations.
  • Look for the listing and holding published on the website then choose or purchase wisely with creating your wallet.


Trading Fee

  • The Maker Fees charge is 0.1%
  • The Taker Fees charge is 0.1%

Deposit Fee

  • BHEX does not charge any deposit fees.

Withdrawal Fee

  • BHEX charges the withdrawal fees of 0.0006 BTC per Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawal.

Direct Link to join BHEX with BHEX Invitation Code

Click here to Join BHEX Using BHEX Invitation Code

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