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Bitfinex Referral Code z23nTGlwu | 2021 for new user sign up bonus

  • Join Bitfinex with Bitfinex Referral code – z23nTGlwu to avail of the new user sign-up bonus.
  • Trade with the platform which is home to the digital asset exchange.

Bitfinex Referral Code z23nTGlwu | 6% CB on fee new user sign up bonus

Bitfinex referral code z23nTGlwu for new users cashback on signing up with the invite code. This exclusive referral coupon is applicable only for new user signups.

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Exchange Codes
Bitfinex referral code z23nTGlwu
Eligibility New users only
Sign-up Bonus 6% cashback
Expires on 31-12-2022
Exchange altcoins
Platforms Android, iOS, Web, Mac OS App, Mobile
KYC required Yes
Country The British Virgin Islands
Parent Company Bitfinex
Referral Rewards Yes

What is Bitfinex?

bitfinex referral code

Bitfinex, the cryptocurrency exchange was founded in 2012 which is based in the British Virgin Islands. Bitfinex is working behind the idea to provide all the users the state-of-the-art trading tools, innovative technology, and unparalleled levels of customer service.

The team of Bitfinex has the got the much more experience in blockchain technology and the platform is also available on a mobile-based app, which makes it an option for the users to trade on the go.

Why Bitfinex?

  • Its advanced trading platform offers the largest liquid order book in the world. And the most important aspect, the high volume, is there on the platform as the low spread is ensured. It has a customizable platform with advanced tools, and it offers 50-trading pairs.
  • There is the Over Counter Service (OTC) for the traders who wish to trade with a huge amount of cryptocurrency privately. The OTC facility secures such trading as a priority.
  • Skating and lending service is provided to the traders by Bitfinex. The users can stake their cryptocurrencies holdings without any prior special knowledge of the skating system.

Quick Review Bitfinex

  • From – If a non-US advanced trader is looking to trade large sums, then Bitfinex is definitely an option. Although, if you’re new to cryptocurrency and starting to trade, Bitfinex is not for you. There is a lack of easy deposit methods combined with the complicated interface which will certainly take time to master and the newcomers are advised to stick with a simpler exchange that offers a variety of familiar payment options (e.g. Coinmama, CEX).
  • From – If the user is an experienced investor looking to trade high volumes, Bitfinex is a good option. Its platform provides a range of advanced features, an extensive suite of crypto coins, plus a transparent fee structure. Although, it’s worth noting that the company’s history has been plagued with security breaches, not least the Tether lawsuit which stipulates claims of money laundering


  • The platform shows the world-class trading exchange. The offers on the Bitfinex are booked with top-tier liquidity on the platform. The bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO, and many other digital assets can be exchanged at very ease with the minimal space required.
  • Option of Margin funding is available on the platform where the users can traders can be funded from the liquidity providers who wish to trade with leverage. Different rates are applied for the trading of funding.
  • Access to Margin Trading. The peer-to-peer funding market is allowed by the bitfinex with 10X leverage trading.
  • The platform provides the traders with every required tool to trade in almost every scenario. With the Algorithm order types, the suit of order is booked.
  • It is not a matter to worry on the platform of the user is a beginner or expert investor as the platform can be customized as per the need of the user.
  • The security of the customer and theirs information and funds are kept as a top priority.

How to use Bitfinex Referral code and purchase crypto using Bitfinex?


  • Visit the official website and then click on the Get Started button. You can sign-up with either the email id or your phone number.
  • Enter the required details such as your email or phone number, your created password, and the Bitfinex referral code. Click on I agree on the check box and then sign-up.
  • Remember to create a strong password for better security and do not forget to enter the Bitfinex referral code to avail the new user bonus with the Bitfinex referral code.
  • Your account will be created through this, and the bonus of the Bitfinex referral code will be credited to your wallet.
  • You will also be given a Bitfinex referral code of your own, which you can use to invite your friends. If your Friend joins the Bitfinex Exchange through your Bitfinex referral code which is with the Referral Program.
  • For purchasing the cryptos you need to study well about the market and be acknowledged about the cryptos.
  • Then create the wallet and look for the holdings and listings on the website. Then purchase the coin in your wishful currency.

Bitfinex Listings View


Bitfinex Fees

Trading fees

  • The taker fees charge is 0.2%
  • The maker fees charge is 0.1%


Deposit Fees

  • The deposit fees are free.

Withdrawal Fees

  • Bitfinex charges 0.0004 BTC per Bitcoin Withdrawal.
  • Bitfinex charges 0.011322 ETH per Ethereum Withdrawal.

Click here for full Bitfinex Fees listing

Bitfinex Referral Code

Click here to access the Bitfinex Referral code to avail the new user sign up bonus

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