Phemex Invitation Code JFMHW2 | Referral Bonus for new users

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phemex invitation code
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Phemex Invitation Code JFMHW2 | Referral Bonus for new users

  • Join Phemex with Phemex invitation code – JFMHW2 and vail the new user bonus.
  • Now trade with the most advance digital trading platform.

phemex referral code

Phemex Invitation Code JFMHW2 | Referral Bonus for new users

The latest Phemex invitation code for the new user signup is JFMHW2. You can receive a referral bonus if you apply this coupon while signing up.

Exchange Codes
Phemex invitation code JFMHW2
Eligibility New users only
Sign-up Bonus Referral bonus
Expires on 31-12-2025
Exchange altcoins
Platforms Android, iOS, Web, Mac OS App, Mobile
KYC required No
Country Singapore
Parent Company Phemex Financial Pte. Ltd.
Referral Rewards Yes

What is Phemex?

phemex referral code

Phemex, the cryptocurrency exchange was founded in late 2019 and is Singapore based Phemex Financial Pte. Ltd. company. The company is on the pace to become the world’s most trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange platform through the user-oriented approach.

Like many other crypto exchange companies, Phemex is officially registered with the British Virgin Islands. Phemex on the pace managed to attract the users towards it and also set up a record of more than $700 million of trading volume in a single day.

Phemex team constitutes the members from the well-known finance and IT world. And the team is currently working with 40 employees.

Why Phemex?

Phemex like other suitable platforms has a nice user interface. For the traders whose internet speed is questionable, they must know the importance of the ping monitor in the User Interface.

The trading background of phemex is of two components – the cross engine and the trading engine. Its CrossEngine has the capacity to hold about 300,000 TPS, with almost no time taking in while responding.

Phemex has developed iOS and Android apps to get to the platform from anywhere and let the users enjoy the product.

The sub-accounts system on the platform lets the users create a sub-account within the existing account and trade with multiple approaches, in short, or long term. And each account can work as a whole new different platform.

Quick Reviews Phemex invitation code

  • From – The platform Phemex builds its position on the market by focusing on its main strengths: user-oriented approach, amazing quick transaction time, and sub-account option. The small choice of the trading options does make this platform quick, but at the same time uninteresting to some traders. So far, Phemex is still just a new interesting platform, nothing more, nothing less. Their potential is unquestionable, but some more time will have to pass to see the results.


  • The platform being led by the Morgan Stanley executives makes the level of it the high trustworthy type.
  • The funds are kept safe and secure in the HD cold wallets so that the users stay at the ease regarding any misleading with the exchange.
  • The platform uses the Amazon Web Service hosting services for the purpose of could based security and safety.
  • With the help of firewalls, the trading system and the background networks are kept apart in order to keep working well. Although the platform is secured with the SSL and the scanning is regularly done by PCl.

How to use Phemex invitation code and purchase crypto through phemex?


  • Visit the official website and then click on the Get Started button. You can sign-up with either the email id or your phone number.
  • Enter the required details such as your email or phone number, your created password, and the Phemex invitation code. Click on I agree on check box and then sign-up.
  • Remember to create a strong password for better security and do not forget to enter the Phemex invitation code to avail the new user bonus with the Phemex invitation.
  • Your account will be created through this, and the bonus of the Phemex invitation code will be credited to your wallet.
  • You will also be given a Phemex invitation code of your own, which you can use to invite your friends. If your Friend joins the Phemex Exchange through your Phemex invitation code which is with the Referral Program.
  • For purchasing the cryptos you need to study well about the market and be acknowledged about the cryptos.
  • Then create the wallet and look for the holdings and listings on the website. Then purchase the coin in your wishful currency.



Phemex Fees

Trading Fees

  • The taker fees charge is 0.1%.
  • The maker fees charge is 0.1%.

Deposit Fees

  • Deposit fees it free.

Withdrawal Fees

  • Phemex charge 0.00057 BTC per Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawal.
  • Phemex charges 0.0036 ETH per Ethereum (ETH) withdrawal.
  • Phemex charges 0.45 XRP per XRP withdrawal.

For a more complete and updated withdrawal list click here

Phemex invitation code

Click here to access the phemex invitation code

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